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Introducing our new company with a promise: New in name, not in skills. Backed by seasoned expertise, innovative thinking, and a commitment to excellence, we're ready to bring a fresh perspective to the table. Your success is our priority, and our skills are anything but novice. Let's embark on this journey together, where experience meets innovation.



Bobbie has dedicated the last several years to mastering the artistry of embroidery. With a decade of experience in the world of threads and stitches, she brings a wealth of skill and passion to every project. What started as a job evolved into a true craft, where precision and creativity intertwine seamlessly. From intricate designs to personalized masterpieces, She takes pride in transforming fabrics into visual stories. Her journey is marked by a commitment to excellence, a keen eye for detail, and a love for creating unique, enduring branded piece for your business.

Let's stitch your vision into reality together!


Transforming visions into vibrant realities, Ivan, a screen printing veteran with a wealth of experience spanning 10 years. Every stroke of the squeegee, every mix of ink, tells a story of dedication and mastery in the art of screen printing. From the classic to the cutting-edge, his journey has been a colorful tapestry of innovation and precision. Let's print your ideas with the seasoned touch that comes only with years of passion and expertise!

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